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Quality Reconditioned & Used Engines for Sale

Quality Reconditioned & Used Engines for Sale. It is not always easy to find a suitable engine or gearbox replacement when your own has failed. There are quite a few options open to you in this age of technology and we at ENGINE AND GEARBOXES fully understand your difficulties and can offer an excellent solution to suit your needs and your pocket.

Initially, our selection of reconditioned engines can provide you and your customers with an economical and trustworthy resolution. Furthermore all our engines have the most comprehensive warranty given by the industry which will provide enormous peace of mind. ENGINE AND GEARBOXES is a leading reconditioned engine supplier as we specialise in high quality, low mileage engines and gearboxes, as well as engine and gearbox components.

ENGINE AND GEARBOXES is well established as one of the UK's most reliable suppliers of fully tested engines and gearboxes and we can supply all makes and models including BMW, LandRover, Mercedes and Audi etc. We realise in these difficult financial times that many people couldn't even consider replacing their vehicle with a new one if they can just have a new unit fitted, thereby saving a considerable amount of money and keeping their beloved vehicle and get them safely back on the road.

Here at ENGINE AND GEARBOXES our specialist team will find you the correct engine or gearbox by matching the vehicle's code in our database which will guarantee a hassle free process to replace your unit. Our extensive stock can generally assure you that the waiting time to supply your unit would be minimal.

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Reconditioned Engines

Since its establishment over 16 years ago, ENGINE AND GEARBOXES has rapidly become a major name in reconditioned, low mileage engines and gearboxes. We are able to provide the highest quality units available in the UK at competitive rates by using our connections in and around the UK. We are competent enough to source the reconditioned engine or gearbox that you are looking for in a very short time. We do not compromise on quality and ensure that our imported reconditioned engines have been fully tested at our own suppliers processing plant and these units will be guaranteed by our highly skilled technicians.

We offer a full fitting service in our state of the art workshop by our experienced and certified mechanics. ENGINE AND GEARBOXES will arrange collection of your vehicle if you wish or you can have your vehicle recovery service deliver it to us, either way we will look after your car in a professional manner and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

If you have a preferred mechanic, then we can just supply your engine or gearbox and have it sent direct to your garage or if you would rather you can collect it from our premises in Barking, Essex . In addition ENGINE AND GEARBOXES has the ability to source all engine and gearbox parts and offer a quick delivery service to the whole of the UK. So if you do not want or require the whole engine, let us know and we will supply you with what you need to have your own unit rebuilt to get you back on the road.

ENGINE AND GEARBOXES want to make your experience of having your engine fitted as painless as possible and our staff will keep you appraised of our progress along the way. You tell us what you want and we will endeavour to meet your needs without any fuss or drama. ENGINE AND GEARBOXES are here to deliver.


Low mileage engines would be quite inferior to completely reconditioned engines because the procedure of engine reconditioning is a type of insurance that the engine will run perfectly. Most second hand engines out there that have supposedly been 'checked and running ok' need to be reconditioned. Due to our commitment to the quality of the engines we sell we will supply a six month unlimited mileage warranty covering parts and labour. Why would we bother to give such a warranty if we did not have faith in our engines.


Engines and Gearboxes provide you with the warranty so it is safe to purchase your engines from us. At our engine reconditioning facility all our engines must meet the quality criteria prior to being installed in the vehicle or alternatively dispatched directly to the customer. We would not authorise any engine to be supplied to our customers just for us to have to replace it if it was considered faulty. Because of our continued commitment to quality all our engines are rebuilt at our own facility.


Reconditioned Engine with Low mileage

Every one of the engine, but sourced as low mileage engines are fixed. to create certain the performance and quality engines are rebuilt upgraded, with new elements and mechanism work. primarily once a low Mileage Engine is delivered to our workshop we assume that it doesn't meet our standard and that we convert it to the reconditioned engine to verify we will provide it with long warranty to our customers.

BUY Reconditioned Engines from Engine & Gearboxes.

All the above machine work, elements replacement and rebuilding is to make sure that everyone of our purchasers should buy fresh reconditioned engines confidently. The assessments and checks provided, internal control and long warranty is what sets Engine & Gearboxes apart. this can be why clients are coming, recommending United States and expression Thanks.

Rebuilt Engines from Engines & Gearboxes

At Engine & Gearboxes we stock huge quantities of low mileage used core engines. (As a core engine for reconditioning - we don't supply used engines for sale) Our second hand core engines are demolished and every one parts are perpetually checked, then machine work is completed and engines rebuilt with new seals and gaskets. we don't sell second hand low mileage engines however only the engines that are in good operating condition - rebuilt engines. Low mileage or second hand used engines are reconditioned to the highest quality and not offered as a used engine, however as a reconditioned Engine